CAIN 2024 — 3rd International Conference on AI Engineering – Software Engineering for AI

The goal of the CAIN Conference Series is to bring together researchers and practitioners in software engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of a growing community that is targeting the challenges of Software Engineering for AI-enabled systems.

In development and implementation of AI-enabled systems — defined as systems that contain AI components — experience has shown that the main challenge is not to develop the best models or algorithms but rather to provide support for the entire system life cycle – from business idea, through data collection, model training, system design and development, product deployment and operation, and eventually its maintenance and evolution. Therefore there is a clear need to advance the field of Software Engineering for AI. While there are many well-established venues in the fields of AI and machine learning (ML), CAIN is unique in that it takes a systems and life cycle perspective on AI engineering.